Summer in

Summer vacation in Zillertal

The summer in the Zillertal is versatile and offers you a huge amount of activities and opportunities. You would like to mountain bike, climb, golf or hike? Then you are in the right place.

You start your summer day with a delicious breakfast with local foods. Strengthened you go out into nature, because the mountains are calling. What awaits you in the Zillertal mountains? Numerous hiking routes, climbing routes and climbing gardens, single trails for pure downhill fun, lush alpine meadows, rustic huts, waterfalls, mountain lakes and of course an impressive mountain panorama that recharges your batteries.

Your options for a summer vacation full of adventure are almost endless. We, the Mari Pop Hotel, are the perfect base camp for your active vacation. Whether adventure vacation, golf vacation, climbing vacation, hiking vacation, mountain bike vacation or even tennis vacation, we will find a suitable activity for everyone. You don’t want to be active on your vacation? No problem, then relax in our spa and enjoy the Zillertal mountain air.

Hiking vacation in Zillertal

Hiking vacation

Mountainbike vacation in Zillertal


Climb vacation in Zillertal

Climbing vacation

Adventure vacation in Zillertal

Adventure vacation

Golf vacation in Zillertal

Golf vacation

Tennis vacation in Zillertal

Tennis vacation