An open house.

A touch of luxury.

Lots of heart.

The design hotel Mari Pop in Zillertal

Mari Pop is more than a hotel. It is both, a lively meeting place and a quiet retreat. Here art and nature go hand in hand. City life and village culture become accomplices. It is a place for the carefree and for the busy bees. We offer selected luxury, but no glitter and glamor. Mari Pop is history, future, heart & soul. It is your holiday home.

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Mari Pop Rooms & Suites

In Mari Pop there is room for everyone: for adults, for the little ones, for peace seekers, for newly in love, for best friends and for all who want to experience a lot. Our rooms and suites in the main building combine comfort, luxury and nature. They are the starting point for your adventures and your place to relax.

Rooms & Suites

Rooms & Suites

Mari Kitchen

Mari Kitchen

Mari Spa

Mari Spa

Mari Body&Beauty

Mari Body & Beauty

Mari Spa

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The Mari Pop Spa

It’s time to forget the to-do list. Time to press the pause button and pamper ourselves. The ideal place for that? The Mari Spa.

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Mari's Guesthouse

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