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A touch of luxury.

Lots of heart.

Summer vacation in
Mari Pop design hotel

Mari Pop is more than a hotel. It is both, a lively meeting place and a quiet retreat. Here art and nature go hand in hand. City life and village culture become accomplices. It is a place for the carefree and for the busy bees. We offer selected luxury, but no glitter and glamor. Mari Pop is history, future, heart & soul. It is your holiday home.

Yes, you deserve a break. From work, from the city, from people or simply from everyday life. And such a break is of course best enjoyed in combination with nature, good food and wellness.



The Mari Kitchen

The center of our house is the Mari-Kitchen: it is inspired by traditional favorites, old family recipes and new cooking trends. Cooking is done wherever possible, with the best from the region and even from our own cultivation. And one thing is clear: breakfast will put a big grin on the face of even the biggest morning grouch.

It tastes a bit like you imagine a breakfast at grandma’s farm: Fresh, homemade and with a lot of love – plus a pinch of “brunch in the big city”.

Every evening, a five-course dinner menu with vegan menu alternatives is on the menu. Well? Hungry already?


Maris guests say

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Mari Pop Boutique hotel




There is room



Mari Pop Rooms & Suites

In Mari Pop there is room for everyone: for adults, for the little ones, for peace seekers, for newly in love, for best friends and for all who want to experience a lot. Our rooms and suites in the main building combine comfort, luxury and nature. They are the starting point for your adventures and your place to relax.

Rooms & Suites

Rooms & Suites

Mari Kitchen

Mari Kitchen

Mari Spa

Mari Spa

Mari Body&Beauty

Mari Body & Beauty

Mari Body

& Beauty

Cosmetic treatments and massages

Simply switch off and enjoy, feel good and let yourself be pampered. A #metime at MariPopBeauty with a pampering facial treatment, a massage that relieves the body of tension, a fine manicure or a pleasantly warm bath and a subsequent body peeling.

Your #metime in the MariPopBeauty area is as individual as you are. We deliberately refrain from specifying individual treatments in advance in the package, but rather offer you the opportunity to book fixed times and then decide on the spot which application you just feel like or what is good for you.

In a world of the ordinary and mundane, we encourage you to find your own natural beauty. We believe in a fusion of highly effective natural ingredients, innovative rituals and mindful application.

The hotel

Who is Mari

Mari Pop Guesthouse

Mari's Guesthouse

Summer vacation

Summer vacation

Current offers

Current offers

Mari Spa

It’s time to leave the to-do list on the left. Time to press the pause button and do something good for ourselves. The ideal place to do it? The versatile Mari Spa with the Rooftop Spa, the Family Spa and the Private Garden & Rooftop Spa.